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Wealth Activator for Heart-Led Women in Business

Award-Winning Entrepreneur
Podcast Host
Mumma to 5 Children
Chair of the PTA...

I think it's safe to say, I have ALOT going on, and I'm just getting started! 

Hey Queen!

I am the fast-talking, high-energy, manifesting generator mentor that every woman needs in her corner.

I am the ultimate hype-girl, connector and champion of women, and I want to see YOU win.

After over 8 years growing and scaling brick-and-mortar businesses, I grew frustrated with seeing so many incredible women that I mentored, low-balling themselves and their talents.

It's easy to see why this happens, when you consider they had ANCESTRAL wounds left unhealed, SOCIETAL conditioning telling them to play small and be grateful, GOVERNMENTAL bias, meaning that only 1% of investment funding goes to female-led businesses, as well as their own limiting beliefs holding back.

I decided I had to be part of the change I wanted to see, and added Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), NLP, Human Design and TIMEline Therapy to my psychology background and got to work!

During my 5 years in coaching, I have mentored and supported hundreds of women to break free of the limiting beliefs keeping them stuck, scale their businesses with joy and create true financial freedom through wealth creation - It's my jam and I'm totally here for it!

My love language is SUSTAINABLE and STACKABLE success, so I work with my clients to create truly unique offers and business models that play to their Human Design energy type, zones of genius and natural skills and talents.

Because creating sustainable success, that feels fun and expansive, on your own damn terms, is the real flex in business!


Love Rebecca x

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The Female CEO Magazine..

Read the article written on myself and my business bestie, Sara Smile Scott, when we launched our business society for ambitious female entrepreneurs! You can read the full article here. 

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The Rich Queen Podcast

by Forbes featured multimillionaire Business Mentor for Women, Leanne Lopez Moseley.  

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Fox TV

for their Woman of Influence news segment, by God Made Millionaire host, TC Bradley

What It's Like to Work With Me

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Louise - Brand Yourself Photography

'I felt so drawn to Rebecca's contagious energy & her exceptional expertise. I decided it was time to scale up my business & Rebecca was without a doubt the coach for me. She has great strategies & understanding in how you can scale any business. She made me realise the importance of setting up different income streams,& how to create passive income streams in case of another lockdown!'

Jo -Brand Messaging Consultant & Business Coach 

'I recently attended an event with Rebecca in London, and she put her heart and soul into creating a transformative environment, which I found personally inspiring and valuable for my business. She really thought about added value to make the event special, I even got some Headshots as a gift! Rebecca is genuine, if you get the opportunity to attend an event with her in person jump at it!'

Laura - Qualified Business & Leadership Coach & Mentor

'Rebecca is an absolute superstar! I have loved working with her to level up my business and my own mindset as a CEO. Bec is so authentic, inspirational and practical too - what a combo! We quickly established mutual trust and respect that has actually evolved into a wonderful friendship and I can honestly say she is a true role model to me!'


Working with Rebecca is just a dream! From our first interaction where I shared my flimsy business ideas around growing my brand Rebecca’s enthusiasm was contagious! I first started working with Rebecca as part of a group coaching programme, and when Rebecca created her business academy I eagerly joined. 

The academy is filled with tons of masterclasses and deep dive sessions as well as regular coaching sessions with Q and As. It is literally like having a business coach in your pocket. Over the past year I have gradually implemented the tools & strategies suggested by Rebecca to the degree that I don’t need a 9-5 anymore. I have created multiple income streams & shifted mindsets that were not serving me and I am so aligned with everything that I am creating that I am finally happy & confident to take action to turn my ideas into reality. 

I am super excited to see how far I can grow!


'So much has changed for me over the last few months, all because I put what Rebecca teaches into practice. I'm making money in my sleep, selling my downloadable workbooks!'

Client Wins

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