Hey Queen!
I'm Rebecca and I'm obsessed with seeing you win.

I am the fast-talking, high-energy coach that every woman needs, to claim their worth, and truly own their space in business.


After 8 years building multiple six figure businesses, as an award-winning entrepreneur, mentoring other unapologetically ambitious women in business, was the next natural step in my journey.


Now I am a Wealth Activator for women, and business growth strategist for inspiring female visionaries, who want to change the world.


With an undeniable belief that all women should see the highest vision for themselves, and their legacies, I support women to build generational WEALTH and redefine what is possible, so that they are free to experience maximum income and maximum joy, on their own damn terms. 


Can I get a hell yes to that??


Only 12% of female-led businesses ever make more than £100,000, and only 1 in 5 millionaires are women!


I have made it my soul's mission to get more collective wealth into the hands of heart-led, badass women like YOU, through building PROFITABLE (It's not all about how much you make, but how much you keep and multiply), SUSTAINABLE (bye Felicia to burnout and overwhelm) and most importantly SCALABLE (hello true time freedom).


Sound good? Then you are most definitely in the right place!

 You know you were meant for more...

You dream big, you work hard, but still you don’t see the results that your business deserves.

You feel stuck. You crave more wealth, more opportunities, more impact, more balance, more clarity and the ability to scale your business without needing to sacrifice more time and personal energy to it. This is where I come in, as your own personal cheerleader and growth strategist, supporting you to leverage your business to create a life better than your dreams! 

Whether you are just starting out or already hitting six figures and looking for your next level of growth, I've got you covered!

My Approach

I am all about working smarter, not harder

Repeat after me: 'I am not Whitney Houston; I do not need to be EVERY woman'

Real talk - there are literally 1000s of ways that you can grow a business, both online and off. You do not need to use cookie cutter, one-size fits all strategies that do not work with your natural strengths, and zones of genius.

You also don't need to be doing all the things to create massive success in your business.


I believe in the principals of energy and intention. Doing a few things really well, that completely light you up, and connect you to your higher purpose, will give you a much higher conversion of your dream clients. It also leads to creating and scaling a business that you can be wildly obsessed with, and a personal brand that offers something truly magical to your market.


Warning: Working with me, will result in massive uplevels in all areas of your life, and the embodiment of bad b***h energy!

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How I Can Help

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What its like to work with me


Rebecca is an absolute superstar! I have loved working with her to level up my business and my own mindset as a CEO. Bec is so authentic, inspirational and practical too - what a combo! We quickly established mutual trust and respect that has actually evolved into a wonderful friendship and I can honestly say she is a true role model to me!  

More about me

"I have had the absolute pleasure of working with the unstoppable powerhouse that is Rebecca Barr. The pocket rocket that has so much passion, knowledge and drive to support female entrepreneurs to get their business dreams off the ground and delivered."


Jules Kelly

The Life Auditor

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