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The Good Girl's Guide to Money Making

Are you ready to finally deal with your own BS around money, so that you can create more impact and income in your purpose-driven business?

If so, this book is for you. Its a complete handbook to transform your relationship with money, and claim the wealth that is your birthright. Split into two halves, the first half shows how (and why) YOU are the reason that you are not yet living your boujie best life, why the world NEEDs you to be a wealthy woman, and practical steps you can take to manifest (and retain) more money TODAY. The second half is filled with actionable strategies to create more sales, build scalable reoccurring revenue and leverage your income inside your soulful online service based business. All without the need for hustle, grind or push energy.

As an award-winning entrepreneur and founder of multiple successful six-figure businesses, while being a busy Mumma of 5, Rebecca Barr knows a thing or two about leveraging your time, energy and money to create sustainable wealth and legacy. Her complicated relationship with money, that has seen her experience more financial curveballs and plot twists than a rollercoaster in a theme park, is what led her to a lifetime commitment to mastering the art of money. Childhood homelessness, self-sabotage, financial disempowerment and low-balling her prices are just a few of the themes that she will cover, to ensure that you never leave money on the table again both metaphorically and physically, both in life and business.

Using her signature 'throw everything at it approach' this is a combination of practical, psychological and spiritual practices and the ultimate handbook for any ambitious AF woman who knows she is meant for a life of financial freedom and fun!

Yass I'm Ready for Financial Freedom & Fun!


Create Your Dream Life Workbook

This workbook has been designed to help you gain clarity on your dream life, filled with passion and purpose, and the actions that you need to take to bring it to fruition! Say goodbye to fear, confusion and judgement and step into your future self!

This is the ultimate resource for the women who wants to reconnect with their deepest desires, before conditioning and limiting beliefs took them away from their true path.

Powerful techniques, journal prompts and tools will guide you on your journey as you peel back the layers, declare and decide what your next chapter of life looks like and activate your personal power to supercharge your manifestations as lightning speed.
Create Your Dream Life Now